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Of Coffee & Sunshine // Central Hotel & Cafe (Copenhagen, Denmark)

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Enlightenment // Grundtvig’s Kirke (Copenhagen, Denmark)

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Egeskov Castle // Funen, Denmark

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Nyhavn // København, Denmark

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Nyhavn // København, Denmark

More at 500px.

I quite like how this picture turned out, with the parallel composition of the umbrellas that remind of Shigeki Kuroda's series of etchings of cyclists with umbrellas which I adore.

I will have to admit that this photo and the series of photos taken at Nihonbashi are very much inspired by Kuroda’s works. 

When we were in Seoul, we decided to take a day trip out to Nami Island, without realising that it was the filming site for Winter Sonata, a famous korean drama of yesteryear. 

But with such beautiful sights, we know why this island was picked, especially since every tree on this island was planted with deliberate care and thought. 

On the way to Nikko: This picture is a little complicated. 

It’s a picture of the landscape…
1. Seen through the frame of the window of the train moving in the opposite direction; which is
2. Seen through the frame of the other window (closest to me) of that same train moving in the opposite direction; which is then
3. Seen through my window and
4. Finally, seen through my camera lens. 

Go figure.

Hence the superbly low-quality/resolution of the image.  

But by ‘moving’, I meant the trains were slowing down. If not I wouldn’t have been able to catch the image, unless I was THAT lucky. 

I barely had time to finish blogging about my last trip to Tokyo in June because of all the work I had to clear when I returned, but I did manage to sneak another trip to Tokyo again last week. 

It is probably going to be confusing, but I shall just consolidate all my photos and entry into the same blog about Tokyo. 

This second trip I took (to be exact, my fourth trip to Tokyo in my lifetime) was a huge blur because everything was in a rush and I hardly had time to plan or to prepare for it. I only packed the night before, rushed off to the airport immediately after work, and the only plans I made, where the ones to meet my friends who are living in Tokyo. 

I guess this whole sense of dashing about and rushing around manifested in my photos this time - It wasn’t quite motion-blur images I was going for, but more of a bokeh and out-of-focus effect. 

Since I have seen the city and its sites several times, and over many years, so I figured, it’s no harm done if I have a whole camera of blurred crappy shots. It was worth a try. Besides, I will probably be in Tokyo soon enough once again. 

This time in Tokyo, I wasn’t really looking around. I was just hanging around and soaking in the atmosphere, and really, just escaping from work. My brother was doing all the photography, with all his clumsy gear. I just snapped without really looking. 

It worked really well for Shibuya Crossing particularly, when a person’s identity did not matter at all. Besides, it was so busy at the scramble crossing, everything was a blur as it is anyway. 

As a whole, I really liked the effect of the photos. It wasn’t particularly good, but it was what I was feeling at that moment. 

Made another trip to Tokyo last week and headed back to Shibuya. 

Since I had to wait around for my brother, I decided to try a shooting Shibuya Crossing from a different perspective. Somehow, I ended up exploring out-of-focus effects for my entire trip too.