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A review that I wrote on FeverAvenue for the Void & Void Deck’s exhibition.

It is a good exhibition to swing by just to take a peek if you happen to be around the area. 

Free anytime from 14-16 June and hungry for design?


Sorry, it’s been a bit of a ‘slow news’ period because our uni term is over and there isn’t school related content to be posted. Unless you’d like to see some of my own work for year 2, I could post them, but it’s a bit shabby (and shameless) to post here. 

Meanwhile, have a poster of an upcoming exhibition that you might like to attend if you’re in Singapore. 

Did I read this right? World Architecture Festival right here in Singapore? I am thrilled and amazed at the same time. 

Now I understand why Singapore is in the running for Asia’s Next Design Hub. I guess it makes a difference that we now have the works of Moshie Safdie in our midst (maybe we’ll be seeing some of Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster and Tadao Ando’s works in the near future).

I would love to attend the event, but oh well, pricey delegate passes and I am not sure if I am going to be in the country (but I am still thrilled that it is happening on home ground). But for all architecture/ design students who would love to attend, it is 300USD and you can book it on their website

Dezeen is offering their readers a 25% percent discount for their readers when they enter their projects for the awards programme (so designers and architects out there, see HERE). 


Brainstorming about my event next week in Singapore, “Chat with Sporeboy in Delhi”.

Wish that by sharing my little adventures in Delhi, more Singaporeans will try travel out of their comfort zone from time to time.